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Spanish Flower I am a Seer, I can see what holds you back, I can see your mine fields, your pitfalls, your blind spots, your potential, your abilities, your love and your highest ideals. I can walk you though the mine fields and the stumbling blocks to get you to the other side where your love and light can create a magnificent and flowing life.

My purpose in life is to assist others in overcoming physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks.

I do this by leading you on a journey through your life's issues, shedding light on these through channelled images, the voices and messages of your Spirit guides and ancestors and through my own personal wisdom.

My gentle guidance will help you clear the blocks in yourself and in your family to help you lead a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

My gifts are a culmination of education in the alternative medical field as well as my own deep spiritual growth and guidance from Spirit.

I conduct most of my work over the phone via FB Messenger, Skype or WhatsApp.

To make an appointment, email me directly at elainemolloyarch@gmail.com.

"I highly recommend this gifted lady who has done transformational healing sessions with me. We are lucky that Elaine Molloy is coming to London to host a seminar and talk at the Curated Spirit Seminar (February 1st & 2nd 2020). You will acquire a lot of insight from her wisdom. Elaine has the ability to connect to exactly what your needs are and help you gain clarity." Ladan Soltani - London

"It was a glorious session and a blessing beyond what I can express. I feel a thousand pounds lighter!" LH - North Carolina

"Elaine has helped me many times and is my go to person when things get tough and I can't resolve a situation on my own. Elaine is a true, gifted medium and her insights are spot on!" Natasha M - Croatia

"Elaine is a beautiful soul: her energy is both soft and strong and I feel incredibly uplifted after talking to her. She has helped me connect to the beautiful part of myself. Her work is magical. Thank you Elaine." NP - Devon, England

"I have known Elaine now for a few years as I have been on a few of her courses. Elaine is very passionate about helping others and she just shines when she teaches. I have had a couple of readings with Elaine and the depth she goes into is amazing. I went back over an old reading and she was very accurate in what she told me. I would highly recommend you take a look at her website and connect with her." COR - Co. Cork, Ireland

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