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Spanish Flower Welcome to the website of Elaine Molloy, Holistic Health Counsellor, Therapist and Spiritual Teacher.

I hope you will find something of interest to you here. Please click on any of the links to the left to find out more about the treatments and courses offered.

It is my goal to guide you back to wellness through a variety of techniques I have learned from such modalities as Ayurveda, TBM, Massage and Energy Healing.

Each client is treated as an individual and through the process of consultation, tongue and pulse analysis as well as muscle testing, a course of self-care is recommended.

This self-care program consists of dietary and life-style modifications and nutritional and herbal supplements (where needed). I also offer corrections to known allergens and massage and energy healing treatments.

I strive to empower my clients by teaching them about what has caused ill health and pain and how to correct and prevent these problems in the future.

I also offer courses in healing energy therapies such as Reiki and ARCH so that my clients can learn techniques to heal themselves.

Ideally my clients will not depend on my services for good health but will be able to manage their own health from the information and techniques that they learn from me.

Elaine Molloy

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