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Horses I grew up with a fascination for animals. As a child I read encyclopaedias about animals and I always had dogs and sometimes rabbits too. As an adult I discovered I had the gift of tuning in to animals when they were having problems.

I have helped a local farmer on numerous occasions with problems with his cattle. In particular, when a mother cow won't feed her young calf or when a calf is born with issues. In most cases the farmer and I have been able to correct the situation through joint efforts.

What was most interesting to me, yet not surprising, is that animals have feelings too. Many of the energy healing modalities I use have brought great comfort to these animals and have corrected their health issues.

I also work with dogs, cats and horses. I collaborate with a horse whisperer in Oklahoma and through my intuitive efforts, we managed to to locate one of her ponies that had jumped a fence and wandered far into the neighboring property. The pony was found covered in ticks. Bear in mind that properties can be huge in Oklahoma (hundreds of acres). I was able to give the owner specifics as to where the pony was located.

So if you need healing for your pet of farm animal or help with finding a lost animal please feel free to get in touch.

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