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ARCH ® Healing
(Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing)
has its origins in the traditional healing methods of the people of Hawaii.

ARCH is a profound energetic treatment that can clear health and emotional blockages instantly. The purpose of ARCH is to achieve oneness with the source where pain, grief, sadness, anger and illness no longer exist and are replaced by peace, joy and bliss.

An ARCH treatment is conducted with the client lying, fully clothed on a massage table. Elaine transmits high frequencies of energy to the clients chakras or energy centres which you can often feel or sometimes see. Many clients are at a loss for words as to the wonderful feelings experienced during a treatment.

Through ARCH and Oneness healings Elaine guides the client to free themselves from limited thinking and to embrace all that they are. ARCH and Oneness healings enable clients to make a quantum leap in consciousness - raising them out of lives that are limited and setting them upon a path of heightened awareness and conscious living. Elaine teaches techniques for living that are creative, abundant and whole.

Who should go to Elaine?

Anyone who is suffering from physical ailments of any kind such as arthritic pain, injury pain, unexplained pain, skin complaints, digestive disorders, allergies, headaches, sinus pain etc.

Anyone who has emotional pain or suffers from anxiety, depression or grief.

Anyone who experiences a lack of confidence or a lack of direction in life.

For a more detailed description of what ARCH is then click here to go to the home page of Laurie Grant, founder of ARCH.

ARCH can be used on these levels:
  • physical
  • emotional
  • spiritual
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