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Career Summary
Elane Molloy Elaine Molloy completed a degree in German and Spanish in 1989 at NUIG, Ireland. Although Elaine loved learning languages and working in international business she realized that she really wanted to help others on a deeper and more personal level.

In her late twenties while she was struggling with her own health issues she realized that she must be doing something wrong to keep creating the same problem. After many years dealing with the same complaint she decided to find out the cause of her health problem. This search brought her to Deepak Chopra's book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success which poses the questions: what do you love to do and how can you serve? This book made Elaine realize that she was not truly fulfilled in her work and was not following her true interests which were health and nutrition.

Later, Elaine discovered another book by Deepak Chopra called Perfect Health. This book describes Ayurvedic Medicine, the natural healing science of India which dates back more than 5,000 years. Elaine found this book so intriguing and the system of medicine so logical that she felt that others would benefit from this work and soon afterwards she completed her diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine at the New England Ayurvedic Institute.

Since then Elaine has been offering Ayurvedic Consultations to help others with their health concerns. It is Elaine's goal that all her clients will come away from meeting with her with an understanding of who they are from a constitutional standpoint, where they have gone wrong in their self-care and how to correct it. Ayurveda believes that that which you create you can undo.

Since studying Ayurveda, Elaine has gone on to learn other healing modalities such as Total Body Modification, Contact Reflex Analysis, Massage, Reiki and ARCH ®. Elaine uses her knowledge to evaluate your health status and to offer guidance in correcting health issues. A consultation with Elaine is lead by her knowledge of Ayurveda and involves both pulse and tongue diagnosis. Elaine then verifies what she finds on the pulse and tongue by muscle testing (CRA) the client. When imbalances are found nutritional substances (ground wholefoods) and Ayurvedic herbs are used to treat the imbalances. Elaine will also guide you on dietary changes to correct imbalances. Allergens such as wheat, dairy, pollen etc. are also checked and corrected by TBM techniques.

Elaine now teaches Ayurveda to others. She offers a course to holistic practitioners of all kinds. The goal of the course is to teach others how to use Ayurveda as a healing modality either on its own or to integrate it with their own knowledge and modalities.

Elaine also conducts workshops on Ayurveda which can be from a couple of hours to full day or weekend workshops. These workshops involve learning the history and background of Ayurveda, learning your mind-body type, dietary advice and basic herbal remedies. Marma massage can also be taught.

Elaine also teaches Reiki and ARCH ®. Elaine travelled to Hawaii in November 2004 to study with Laurie Grant the founder of ARCH and became one of the first certified ARCH teachers in the world. She now offers ARCH training to all those who are interested. People who have already studied Reiki and other energy healing modalities may be interested in ARCH. However, ARCH is for all those who are interested in healing.

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