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TBM (Total Body Modification) is a simple and extraordinarily powerful body balancing and healing technique. It is a chiropractic system of muscle testing, which determines the weaknesses and imbalances in the organs and systems of the body.

It is a powerful, non-intrusive procedure that is based on testing acupuncture points on the body. Instead of using needles, this painless approach employs the use of fingertip pressure on very specific points on the spine that correspond to the various organs and systems in the body. The spine is tapped at these specific points while the client inhales and exhales.

TBM is also used for detecting allergens. The allergen or virus is detected using potentized vials of allergens and viruses. Once the virus or allergy is detected the bodies reaction to the pathogen is corrected and the body immunized against it. The client will begin to feel better within an hour and a half after the treatment.

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Some of the conditions that Elaine has treated with the allergy testing system are: eczema (common in small children), asthma, herpes simplex virus, various flu viruses, weight problems, digestive disorders and hormonal imbalances.

Case study
John age 47 came to me because he felt tired in general and was feeling bloated after eating. He also wanted to lose some weight from his stomach area. His tongue was pale and shiny denoting problems with the blood (usually lack of B vitamins or iron).

The Muscle testing showed that his blood was weak and his liver was congested. He also had weak stomach, small intestine and colon reflexes. His pancreas and sugar handling reflexes were also weak. I suggested a wholefood supplement to John to support the liver and the blood and a Men's multivitamin. I also put him off wheat because he was showing an allergy to it. One week later John was feeling much better, his stomach had flattened considerably and his energy levels were up.

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