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Remote Consultations
Elaine offers remote consultations. She can call you on your home phone number or mobile (if you live in Ireland or the U.S).

She will consult with you on your health issues and then use herself as a surrogate to muscle test you to find out the underlying cause for the health condition.

Elaine uses Contact Reflex Analysis and her knowledge of Ayurveda to discover what is out of balance in you. She can then offer dietary suggestions or the use of wholefood supplements and herbs.

Additionally, she can do a remote ARCH healing treatment on you to speed up your recovery from the imbalance.

Remote ARCH ® healing Sessions
The ARCH energy can be used remotely to heal others.

During a remote session the client's higher self is asked what they would like to heal. Once this is established, Elaine uses the highest level of ARCH and Oneness energy to heal those ailments or thoughts, beliefs, patterns of behaviour that the client would like to move beyond.

Elaine does remote ARCH healings on a regular basis and her client's have found relief from all kinds of ailments and situations.

Elaine gives you feedback via email or phone on what came up and any message or advice she has for you to continue on your healing journey.

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